acting & speech FOR CHILDREN & TEENS

"Acting & Speech activities really help children & teens to develop a whole range of life skills, and that setting aside time to develop your child's reading, speaking, social, creative & critical thinking skills is systematically increasing his or her life potential."

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how about taking some exams?

Work right through your Grades - you'll learn a lot and also earn a professional qualification.

Each time you pass a Grade, you'll get a hand written exam report and a LAMDA or Trinity College London certificate.

ALL coaching options start with a FREE Introductory Class, so why not book a session today!

And the cost of ALL classes can be shared with a friend .. or two :-)

approachES to working with children & teens

Every child or teen will, at some point, be expected to present their ideas. Every child needs to be able to communicate effectively, work with others and have strategies to handle nerves and challenging situations.

Happily, the process of learning how to present and communicate effectively can be a lot of fun - but it's a different type of fun to that experienced in the school playground.

Each LAMDA (or Trinity) grade introduces new skills and encourages children & teens to think about themselves & the world around them (so that they can understand the character they are playing and the imaginary world in which the character lives). Candidates are also encouraged to add their own imagination to the mix, shown how to rehearse and given ample opportunities to perform their developing work, talk about their ideas, and will also receive constructive feedback and lots of encouragement.

When a child plays in the playground the fun is immediate, enjoyed and often quickly forgotten, but the fun surrounding grade work is fun that builds, it is fun that offers immense satisfaction and it is fun that is rarely forgotten.

If a child or teen has the interest and determination to take an exam it says much about that child. Evidence of having prepared for even an introductory level exam shouts out that the child or young person is reliable, hard-working and curious about the world.

LAMDA and Trinity exams are available in Acting, Devising Drama, Musical Theatre, Miming, Speaking In Public, Speaking Verse & Prose, and Shakespeare, etc.

Some the many benefits that these exams have to offer are detailed below:

1. Improve over all confidence

2. Speaking and listening

3. Read easily, fluently and with good understanding

4. Expand vocabulary to improve powers of self-expression

5. Improve confidence in speaking and listening

6. Memorise and recall information

7. Engage in constructive informal conversation

8. Work individually and as a member of a team

9. Gain qualifications