Speech COMMunication

"Developing advanced Speech Communication skills systematically increases personal effectiveness & business potential."

This is definitely an 'Acting School' that organises 'Acting Classes', 'Drama Coaching' & 'Elocution Lessons'.Did you use any of those search terms to find us? Please include that information if you leave a comment on the Contact Page.

Speech Communication is the study of how shared meaning can be generated through verbal & nonverbal communication. SC coaching supports advanced public speaking, inter-personal & group communication skills.

Advanced Speech Communication skills allow the individual to engage with, persuade and create a profound emotional response within a team, group or single listener - enabling the individual to thrive in a business setting.

The coaching journey

1. Understanding your own communication strengths and weaknesses - the first step to building advanced SC skills.

2. Developing your skills to an advanced level with an experienced SC coach.

3. Applying what you have learned both in practice and in real work situations - this is almost immediately possible.

4. Receiving ongoing, good quality feedback and support for as long as you need it - until you are able to work independently.

"Once Speech Communication becomes YOUR territory, YOUR area of expertise, greater confidence is generated in the speaker. This sparks exciting conversations about self-efficacy, creativity, real & perceived authority, presence, persuasion & emotional engagement."

additional coaching for voice & speeCH

including remedial training

"I'm unhappy with how my voice sounds"

"It is possible to learn how to change the overall pitch, placement & resonance of your voice. Finding the optimal vocal sound that is right for you is both an interesting process and an extremely rewarding one."

"my vocal delivery is flat & uninspiring"

"i have poor AUDIBILITY / Insufficient clarity"

"Elocution is all about developing clear and expressive speech. Some basic elocution coaching can quickly make speech more dynamic. I can show you how to speak more effectively - and creatively - through the incorporation of correct voice production techniques and the correct formation of vowels & consonants. You will also learn how to make your voice more dynamic through the correct use of Pause, Pitch, Pace, Power, Inflection & Tone Colour."

accent softening & Received Pronunciation (RP)

"Perhaps you are interested in softening your accent or even losing it all together?

Both options are certainly possible and there are some very compelling reasons for attempting to modify the voice in this way. I'd certainly be interested in exchanging views on this topic and working together to find the right outcome for you."

Camera, microphone & telephone technique

"Coaching on all aspects of Camera, Microphone & Telephone technique is available."

Interview technique & confidence building

"Interview Technique and Confidence Building coaching is available."

voice problems & speech faults

"Remedial coaching is available for more serious vocal problems that are likely to inhibit your ability to communicate effectively and for less serious voice & speech faults that simply weaken an otherwise strong vocal instrument. Remedial training can be divided into two areas of study - Voice Production & Speech Training. Both study areas contribute to the speaker's overall vocal ability - however, only an overview of Speech Training is detailed here.

Speech Training: Accuracy in speech is the result of the correct formation of vowels and consonants together with observation of the accepted pronunciation of words. There should also be clarity, fluency and good placement if effective communication is to be sustained. Even when accuracy is achieved, there are common pitfalls or faults about which the speaker must be aware. The main speech faults are shown below.

Substitutions / Distortions / Omissions / Additions / Intrusive Consonants / Glottic Shock

Reduplicated & Allied Consonants / Rebound / Faulty Junctures

Speech that is free from these faults carries additional effectiveness and authority. All remedial coaching includes:

  1. An initial diagnostic session.
  2. A written response to the diagnostic session - detailing key areas of fault and a bespoke coaching plan that outlines the type of work that needs to be undertaken and the length of time that work might take.
  3. A flexible, responsive approach during subsequent coaching sessions.
  4. Prepared written notes to support the remedial coaching and on general vocal good practice.



coaching for GROUPS

SKYPE sessions

FEES available on request